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Our Story


Our vision statement is to build a catering & restaurant business because it is the labor of love which to us is the best kind. You, our customer, are the most important part of our day because we love what we do for our customers. By continuing to serve the best products with our trade mark quality of service is how we plan to excel.

Meet Chef Mary

Chef Mary comes from a long line of great chefs and cooks in her family. She is a graduate of Cincinnati State Culinary Arts program and has worked with some of Cincinnati's top restaurants and companies.

Over 5,000 Happy Customers

Taste of the Taylor Blends as they served thousands of people such as:

  • Tony Terry
  • 70's Band CAMEO

  • Angela Windbush

  • Bobby Valentino

  • Macy's

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Urban League


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Our mission at the slice is to keep our signature fresh taste by fostering relationships with local farmers and to help us deliver a much tastier farm to table product while maintaining a strong and competent staff by the relationships with chef Mary's Alma Mater Cincinnati State Culinary Arts program. We are committed to building community relationships with schools, churches and the Fortune 500 companies that we cater to...

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